Benefits to Reloading Your own Ammo

Gun enthusiasts and frequent shooters probably have all wondered at one time or another what the benefits of reloading their own ammunition are. For most considering this option the question of whether reloading your own ammo is actually cheaper is of reasonable consideration. Also worth questioning for gun enthusiasts is whether there are other benefits beyond costs that make reloading your own ammo a better option. Truth is there are many considerations for shooters to mull over when deciding to make the choice of buying factory-loaded bullets or reloading the ammo themselves.

While it is true that in most circumstances reloading your own ammo can be cheaper shooters should factor in the initial cost of the reloading equipment when making their decision bulk ammo for sale. Also combine this with the time it actually takes to reload bullets and you may be deterred from choosing to do so on your own. For shooters who are not swayed by the cost of reloading supplies and the time that will be spent reloading they will most likely enjoy the process and may even see it develop into something of a hobby. Some ammo loaders may even find that loading their own ammunition is actually more expensive than factory bought ammo. While most ammo can be fairly cheap to produce custom-reloaded ammo might actually end up costing more due to the performance factors built in.

For example, loading for hobbies like clay shoots or practice would probably be cost efficient as you would make attempts to load as cheaply as possible. However if you compare your costs to that of factory produced ammo you will find that when it comes to the highest quality ammunition your costs will increase. Commercial manufacturers have to build a margin of safety into their cartridges meaning the velocity levels with their ammo compared to your standard may be completely different and hence, much less expensive. So there you are: the product manager for a boring product. How often have you caught yourself gazing longingly over at one of those iphones, Kindles, or some other such highly desirable product and though to yourself “Now why couldn’t I be the Product Manager for a cool product like that? ” I have one message for you – get over it. It turns out that there are other product manager who are responsible for products that are even less cool than yours and they are doing some pretty amazing things to make their products successful…

I’m sure that there are some of you out there that have very strong feelings about guns and such. Let’s put those feelings aside for a few minutes and take a closer look at the issue of, what else, bullets. If you are not an avid survivalist or hunter, you probably haven’t purchased bullets before.

It turns out that people really care about what gun they buy. However, bullets are almost an afterthought purchase. Sorry about that bullet product managers. Rob Walker over at the new York Times got interested in this product conundrum when he researched a company called Alliant Techsystems (ATK)Building The better Bullet (Brand)
The next line of bullets that ATK brought out was called Fusion. With this product line the product managers at ATK were targeting (sorry! ) the 25-35-year-old deer hunters. In order to catch their eye, the company created a new “aggressive” box design and even went so far as to add a foil label. They basically pimped the box.

These two products gave the ATK product managers the experience that they needed in order to gain the confidence that they needed in order to do their biggest product launch to date. They recently rolled out a new line of bullets for duck hunters called Black Cloud. This time around they are showing that they know what needs to be done to turn a commodity product into a must-have product.

ATK has partnered with a well known TV personality (in duck hunting circles): Phil Robertson who is known as the “Duck Commander”. They’ve also gone ahead and made a couple of “viral videos” in order to build some buzz around their new ammo. Just to show that bullets also play a role in the 21st Century, they’ve gone so far as to create their very own social networking site called StormChasersNetwork.

Just to top things off, they have also make sure that the box for the Black Cloud product virtually jumps off of the shelf. They dressed it up in a bright color scheme that is designed to catch a hunter’s attention and remind him of the first light of day (which is the best time to be hunting ducks).