Paintball Guns for Beginners – How to Choose Your First Paintball Gun

So you’ve chosen to take up paintball as a game and you’re incredibly amped up for it! The primary thing you will need to do is settle on which paintball weapon you ought to purchase. There are numerous decisions out there, some are modest and some are costly, so this article will attempt to direct you while you’re making that initially intriguing advance.


This question will limit your decisions a piece so you should settle on this first. To play situation/woodsball our in the shrub, then, at that point, you’re presumably in an ideal situation purchasing a mechanical paintball firearm. They’re definitely more tough and dependable than electronic paintball firearms, and they have the special reward of looking more sensible as well. You’ll be better ready to recreate your number one film scenes while you’re holding a paintball firearm that seems to be a genuine military weapon framework.

If you believe you’re bound to need to play competition paintball then you certainly need to purchase an electronic paintball firearm. They are tied in with giving players the greatest capability feasible for incredibly high speed paintball games. ROF or (pace of discharge) is the essential concern so you have some control over the other group with 6.5 Creedmoor ammo measures of shots being discharged. They don’t look like genuine firearms by any stretch of the imagination, and are in many cases substantially more colorful looking which is with regards to the competition paintball culture.

Spending plan

So now that you’ve gone with the choice on the style you need to play, you really want to contemplate the amount you need to spend. You genuinely should sort out what your cutoff points are, if not you’ll wind up requiring out a second home loan to pay for your game.

In any case assuming that you’re in to situation or competition games, there’s a scope of decisions beginning from under $300 as far as possible up to $3000.

My guidance for most new players is to get going with an exceptionally modest new, or even a recycled paintball firearm. Like that assuming you lose interest in the game following a couple of months, you don’t have a $2500 paintball firearm sitting on the rack gathering dust. If do choose down the track that you have out developed your paintball weapon and you need to update, then, at that point, you’ll effortlessly have the option to offer it to another new player who’s simply getting into the game!


Now that you’ve chosen the game style you need to zero in on, and your financial plan range, you ought to have a little determination of around 3-4 potential paintball weapons to look over. This is where the decision turns out to be exceptionally private. Paintball is particularly about style and demeanor, however much it is tied in with playing the real game. Pick a paintball weapon that you like the vibe of, has the elements you need, and causes you to feel great. You’ll get significantly more happiness out of the game, and feel much more pride when you take out your customized paintball weapon prepared for a game with companions.

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