Relieve Stress at Massage Schools

When you talk to Andrea Hirsekorn about her job, she speaks with great enthusiasm about health and wellness. A certified Pilates instructor and licensed massage therapist, she is assistant director at Spectral Journeys, a company involved with using the “Colorgized” method to heal the body. But she didn’t always know she wanted to work with the body. Here’s how an aspiring young student became a great spokesperson for personal well-being and what massage training at massage schools has done for her career.

Feeling Around For Her Profession

Hirsekorn, 25, attended Florida State University 출장마사지 (Tallahassee, FL) and earned her degree in communications and psychology. She completed many internships while in college and after graduation, she worked as a PR director in Sydney, Australia. But she didn’t enjoy the long hours and soon began searching for a job. She started doing five-minute back massages in nightclubs and bars for a local company. “I really liked it,” she recalls. “I didn’t mind touching these people and giving them a massage.”

She returned to the U.S to work in marketing, where she worked with big companies such as Coca-Cola and Nutella. But something was still missing. “I was burnt out with the long hours and unhealthy stress,” she says. “I loved [New York City] but I wasn’t passionate about the products because they didn’t stand for what I believed in.” For her, these values included health and wellness.

Massage Schools to Advance

About two years ago, Hirsekorn moved back to Florida and researched massage schools. She soon began her massage training at Palm Beach Community College (Lake Worth, FL). She now has her massage certification in Swedish massage and learned about many different styles while in massage training. Massage schools are important to give a proper background and experience in the field.