It Takes a Lot More Than Christian E-books and Holy Land Gifts to Help Bring Your Family to Christ

When you first begin to believe in God, you are eager to share your faith with others. Your heart is bursting with excitement filled with excitement at the wonderful discovery that you’ve made. When you’re full of that passion, it’s easy to draw people closer to God; however as time passes and your faith wears off, the excitement fades away. As time passes, you begin to depend heavily on Free Christian eBooks and books as well as Holy Land gifts to bring your family members to Christ with the hopes that they’ll discover the answer by themselves.

You don’t have the motivation to bring them to Christ As consequently, you’re likely to be left with spinning wheels.

Even Though the Path to Christ is Straightforward and Clear, Most People Need Someone to Follow

Consider it for a second. Did you discover Christ by yourself? Did you get a lead by someone’s example? We Christians are aware that it’s our obligation to preach gospel gospel…to serve as a “sermon in shoes” as the situation might be. You probably weren’t able to make the decision to follow Christ until someone personally shared their sermon with you.

If you are the first to convert your family members to Christ it’s your responsibility to build the foundation. Why? because even though you’ve got the Christian ebooks and gifts as well as gifts from the Holy Land gifts you’ve been giving out for the last many years to everyone in your family who happens to appear to utilize it, they can also provide wealth in your quest for motivation, you need to establish the foundation. The encouragement to live your life in a way that is God-fearing is nothing if you’ve no clue about what God is and what he’s accomplished, or what a faith-based way can affect your life.

You Must commit Yourself to Christ before anyone else will be able to commit to You.

The first thing to do before you even think about the possibility of introducing your family to Christ first, is to look at your own. Are you steadfast in your faith? Do you go through your prayers every day, and reading the identical Christian books and electronic books that you’re giving away? Do you follow through with the principles you teach? Remember That your family members will be watching you to be an example to them before God. They’ll be learning from you.

For those who aren’t educated, Christianity is regarded as a cult that is full of hypocrites and blasphemers. This is the general belief. If you’re planning to move these people beyond this false belief you’ll need to step up in the void. If you’re not an authentic representative of God and you’re unable to provide your testimony without”but” or “but” or “however” and if you are unable to affirm your heartfelt and motives are honest, you’re not likely to lead anyone to Christ and even less people you know best.