Aging Gracefully – Strategies to Fight the Effects of Aging

It is said that the best thing about aging is that it is better than the alternative. However, once you 辣木籽 have reached retirement age you just might find that there are more benefits to aging than what you ever found possible. The free time that comes with retirement allows you more time to enjoy life. You can focus your energies in directions that you could not even consider when focused on your career. The key to enjoying the freedom that retirement can bring is to adopt a healthy lifestyle before you reach retirement so that illness does not steal those well earned benefits from you.

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The three big signs of aging that you can control by a healthy lifestyle is your mental clarity, a youthful appearance and control of chronic illnesses. The earlier you start the more effective this will be in slowing down the aging process.

As we age memory and concentration can sometime diminish. Stress and poor health can accelerate this process. One easy lifestyle change that you can make to reduce this is to change from aluminum to iron cookware. When we cook, the process leaches the minerals from the cookware and aluminum does this easily. Ingesting aluminum can lead to impaired memory, whereas iron can increase memory and concentration. Purifying your drinking water with a home or faucet filter can pull out harmful elements found in drinking and cooking water. Supplements are another way to improve memory and concentration; Ginko Balboa, Vitamin B 12, folic acid, and Moringa Oleifera all have properties to improve mental clarity. I can personally vouch for the Moringa Oleifera.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke are the four most frequent chronic illnesses in the United States. Studies have found that 4 lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of these illnesses up to 80%. The number one factor in these studies was to maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 30%, this includes thin, normal, or slightly overweight. Then in descending order, not smoking, exercising at least 3 ½ hours per week, and eating a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables with limited meat. Maintaining this healthy lifestyle is not a guarantee because genetic factors, exposure to toxins, and other factors do influence the development of chronic illness; however, it definitely creates an impressive impact.

Staying hydrated is extremely important and easy lifestyle change. Water helps rid the body of waste and helps to ward off illness. Good hydration can prevent headaches, fatigue, back pain, muscle pain, and dizziness. You can get water and water rich liquids not only by drinking water but by eating fruits such as melons. Taking supplements can help you get the nutrients your body might miss in your food. There are lots of multivitamins out there but I particularly recommend using a Moringa product. Check the internet to see the nutritional benefits of this miracle plant.

Now the big one. We all want a more youthful appearance. Cosmetic surgery is always an option but I prefer more natural methods. The most frequently used tactic for the appearance of youth is to cover the gray. You should search online to find with chemical free hair color. Additionally there are many skin care products on the market advertising anti-aging properties. A search online will give you many choices. As I am definitely sold on the properties of the Moringa plant I would recommend trying products derived using it. I use them myself as the products are created using all natural ingredients. Combined with the nutritional products this line protects skin from the cellular to the topical level.