Miracle of Triphala

Ayurveda is a miracle and miracle of ayurveda is Triphala. A unique combination of three fruits in dried form obtained from three herbs that can act in generally all the diseases. As mentioned in charak samhita, triphala is a rasayan i.e. a things that prevent aging and promote longevity. It has been used since ages by people in India and has attained life reaching more than 100 years. Triphala has been used in many medicines that help in promoting and gaining efficacy of that medicine.

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Out of the three, herbs two i.e. Amla and haritaki are considered as rasayan in ayurveda, that miracle sheets reviews help in preventing aging and helps in maintaining good health with longevity. As Triphala is considered as tridosha shamak i.e. it bring in harmony in aggravated dosha (because haritki is considered as herb that decreases vata, baheda decreases kapha and Amla decreases pitta although all the three also are tridosha shamak when taken individually) hence it find it application in numerous of diseases. It has found its application in constipation as it acts as mild laxative. It is kashaya Rasa dominant and its vipaka is madhur (sweet)

Amla a herb which finds very special place due to its properties. Charak has mentioned about it in his book called charak samhita, it has sheet (cold) virya (potency) which make it very important herb in treating all the illness caused by pitta dosha. It contains five out of six Rasa mentioned. Only lavan rasa is not present in it.

Amla has a small tree, which attains a height of about 20-25 feet. It fruits in October. It contains a large quantity of vitamin c, which makes it even more useful. Plant part used is dried fruit without seed. Amla is generally tridosha suppressant but it has a great role in suppressing pitta dosha, as it is sheet virya. It works as appetizer, helps in proper digestion, activates liver, helps in treating skin diseases and also very effective in treating pyrexias. Its regular usage leads to attaining long and healthy life. Its good results have been seen in hair fall and it promotes hair growth. It also works as brain tonic and helps in competing general body debility.

Another content of morphemes triphala is haritki. Haritki commonly known as harad finds it mention in charak samhita that works as rasayan i.e. it provides good and long life. It is a wonder herb that has ushan (hot) virya property hence helpful in countering vata dosha. Like Amla it also contain s five out of six rasa present except lavan Rasa. These qualities of haritki make it maintain all the three dosha in harmony. It find a great role in indigestion, constipation, flaturance, pain relieving due to its vata suppressant qualities and

above all helps in attaining long age without any disease. The third and the foremost content of morphemes triphala is bibhitak commonly known as baheda. It has a tall tree with height of 50 – 70 feet. It flowers in January and February. It is ushan (hot) virya in property thus acts on kapha dosha, though due to its properties it acts as tridosha suppressant. Plant part used is dried fruit without seed. It finds it application in skin diseases, pain reliever, insomnia, indigestion, cough and cold, also act in increasing sexual powers helpful in treating eyes disorders and most importantly is helpful in countering hemorrhages.

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