How to Make Money With Local Web Sites

Whether you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, or niche marketer – there are opportunities right in your own local area to make money and you’re missing the boat big time!!

There are lots of online marketing articles describing how to make money using what you know about, and blogging about your experiences for profit. What you might not know is that there are things you know about that you haven’t even considered putting to use online quite yet – because you didn’t know it could make you money google scraper . That’s right – there are things right in your own local area that could be passively making you money, right now! This is no BS or hype, I’m not trying to sell you the next ‘big thing’ – I just don’t want you to miss out on glaring opportunities (like I did for so long). Let me elaborate…

Wherever you live in the world, searches hit Google each and every day based on keyword that relate to your region or local area. Searches about travel, about tickets, about schools, about bars and restaurants, about shopping, about festivals and fairs, about jobs and trades, and more each and every day. A lot of these searches come back with little or no quality results, and with just basic SEO you could literally DOMINATE search results each and every time in many of these areas. All you have to do is fill a need that isn’t already being met (well).

This article is for people who may be new to working on the internet and who are looking to build an online storefront for their business. First, I would like to congratulate you on your decision to use the internet as another sales channel for your business. More and more prospects start their research by going to a search engine like Google before they make their final decision to buy. I mentioned Google specifically and not Yellow Pages because current stats show that Google owns over 60% of online searches. You can test this out yourself by looking at your surfing habits. When was the last time you started by looking at the Yellow Pages online?

Now that you have decided on using the web to expand your customer reach, the second thing I would say to you is … Beware. There are far too many scam artists who prey on people who are just starting to do business online. They rely on the simple fact that people who are new to the web don’t know any better. I suspect that these scam artists are rather successful, given how many new scam artists are spawned each and every day.

A lot of scare-mongers whipped up the news around Google’s panda update to frenzied levels and some have said that the future for the affiliate marketer is not bright.

That may be true for a percentage and anyone who has tried to build links to move up the search engines will be aware of the amount of scamming that goes on. No one in their right mind would build a money blog and allow comments on it. It would be awash with “nice post” and “I like your blog” before you had logged off your internet connection for the night.

Affiliate marketing is just not what it used to be. Things that worked a couple of years ago (when many of the older gurus made their money) just don’t seem to work anymore. Slamming up little sites and doing a bit of link building, scraping content to keep the blog updated, just submitting articles to numerous directories and expecting to clamber up the ranking overnight, just won’t work.

The days of grabbing a ClickBank product, slapping up a little site and being one of few in the market are well and truly gone. Added to that is the problem of merchants coming and going, after you have built a site around their product and spent energy promoting it.

Copy some of the links of the more established players in your niche and see if you climb to number one. You won’t. Some of them have got there before with a few articles on unrelated subjects with links back to their money site in a completely different niche. That doesn’t appear to work now, but some of those sites are still at number one.