Gambling is a thing or something that is considered popular at this time, where it is not uncommon for students to adults to be willing to play gambling for a long period of time. In their country, gambling is an illegal activity. The thing is that gambling violates state laws of this country because the government has officially issued a law that prohibits its citizens from playing or approaching gambling circles.

This is taken by the government of course not without reason, where of course the government wants every citizen not to be trapped in a gambling circle domino99 . The gambling circle itself has several bad effects that can be caused to the players, including the effect of someone becoming depressed, someone running out of money, someone running out of valuable time, and many more detrimental effects that can be caused by playing gambling.

Of course playing gambling itself is a criminal act, and because gambling violates state law, anyone who violates state law will have to deal with law enforcement. And languishing in iron bars for breaking the law is the consequence.

Gambling currently itself has 2 systems where there is online gambling and offline gambling. Online gambling itself, for example, is online slot gambling and dominoqq online, while offline gambling examples are cockfighting, domino card games and so on.

Currently online gambling is very easy to play where gamblers only need a network to be able to access gambling sites that are indeed available. And this is the thing that makes many people too comfortable playing gambling and the increasing number of gambling sites that are indeed spread among the community.

Many people or gambling players do not pay attention to the gambling ban and legal threats given by the state. They don’t seem to care that if in the future it’s not impossible they will be behind bars in prison.


A good citizen of course will not violate the existing state laws. Even good citizens always obey existing state laws and without any thought or desire to be able to violate the laws of the country. That’s because a good citizen doesn’t want him to have anything to do with law enforcement which is not impossible for him to be behind bars in prison.

In contrast to gamblers, they really feel that they are not so afraid of the punishments given by the state for gamblers. This is evident from the large number of gambling players who can even increase from year to year, even though it is clear that gambling violates state law.

Stop gambling from now on if you really love your family, because you certainly don’t want your family to go through their days without you by their side where you will be behind bars in prison.

And even for those who are married, you can imagine where your wife and children have to struggle to live alone without you by their side. You will not be able to help them when they are in trouble. Therefore, stop gambling from now on because of course as explained above that gambling violates state law

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