3 Key Blogging Ways to Start an Internet Business Using Existing Free Public Resources

Ever wonder how you can set aside 15-20 minutes a day and how quickly and easily you can start your very own internet business by blogging away – even if you failed English in high school and by using freely available resources?

Actually, your blog could be serving a duality purpose, i.e., making you money directly, or indirectly by skillfully targeting traffic to a website you might have created to market your ideas or products. It is part of your Tools For Marketing futmax.org . The fact of the matter is blogging has reached the stratosphere of activity in terms of membership and sheer number of bloggings or “page views” per day and you can not ignore the fact that this is now a recognized mega medium for news. As an example, tumblr is now over 6 million users strong with over 1.4 billion views per month – this is really big!

The difficulty, if you can call this difficulty, is finding material that will attract attention and make people read your posts, pass them on and get you exposed. Sit back and relax because this difficult part is done for you; in fact, here are three ways to make money by utilizing existing free resources to create buzz, generate content, get exposure and generate cash:

1. You can go to sites like “popurls” which is an aggregator of the most popular sites that create daily buzz, such as Digg, Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, Google Blogs, Wired, Hiffington Post, etc., where you can find the latest hot news and get ideas for your daily topics. You can then connect your blogs automatically to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media and get perpetual or viral exposure from them. This of course is a way of getting the benefit of building “referrals” to your blog, a form of free advertising if you wish, so it’s well worth your time submitting a blog post to social networking sites daily. This is a relatively easy process that can be accomplished with a click of a button.

2. Concentrate on a single area of interest and direct your regular blogs towards that area – this way you will be gaining expertise in that subject/area and will be branding yourself and building your credibility. Connecting your blogs to social media while using smartly chosen keywords will also provide a great boost in search engine rankings, and you may find that you can get your site into the top ten of Google for a wide range of keyword terms if you take a methodological approach to social marketing.

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