aluorescent tubes and ceramic

This being said, I have been spending the past eleven months researching our options for better and longer-term protection against not only the H1 N1, but also against things like the bird flu and all other airborne and touch contactable germs and contaminates. In conjunction with my research, I had decided that if such a product or products did exist out there, then it would have to be all natural and completely safe for children, families, pets and of course food areas. I wanted to find something both unique and innovative and hopefully something that could perhaps go on working effectively long after it had been applied to surfaces. Well my friends, even Google could not help me initially in my search but not being one to give up easily, I continued my search through the Internet and through travel to various geographic areas visiting manufacturing companies, University laboratories and scientific research labs all over North America.

Eventually my toils and travels paid off and what I finally found will both amaze and possibly delight you, as I came back armed with both the product and the proof of all it does and can do. Hence, the reason for me writing this article is to spread the news of what I feel should instantly become World News. With my editorial guidelines for articles, I cannot go ahead an simply advertise this product but even so, I am hoping the information I am providing here will possibly serve to guide a lot of people and maybe just save a good few lives across our country.

What I have found in a totally all-natural organic bio-fluid that has literally amazing properties. It is manufactured here in North America and has been developed over many years by a team of prominent bioengineering scientists to apparently be the only truly natural product of its kind, which provides all of the incredible properties it now has to offer us.

This product is known as a TiO2 PHOTOCATALYSTfluid and what is does when applied to hard surfaces is; It initially cleans the surface and sterilizes it to a level acceptable 殺菌用品 within a hospital surgical operating room, then it creates an instant melting and equally instant hardening effect within itself, to permanently bond with the surface it has been applied to. In simple terms, it can be safely applied to things like counters, door handles, all washroom areas, hard floors, hard furniture, hand rails, public areas such as waiting rooms, busses, trains, planes, café counters, server areas, school corridors and classrooms and much more. It can also be applied directly on to light fittings such as fluorescent tubes and ceramic tiles, hospital floors and walls and even surgical operating rooms.