Things to Help You Pass CCNA Exam

I’ve seen many people failed on their CCNA exam while CCNA is the most basic exam of the Cisco certification series. This is because most of the exam candidates didn’t prepare enough for the exam, got nervous at the exam and failed due to minor mistakes 200-301 .I have my own successful way to prepare for the exam, I’ve collected many things to help me pass the CCNA exam. may or may not agree to me, yet I got a pretty good score at the exam, only got 1 false answer.

I don’t mean to show off or anything, but my point is anyone can get this score if you prepare properly, so here is my 8 things to help me pass CCNA exam:It is natural to get as many resource about the exam, but too many information can seriously damage your brain. The key is to get the right resource to learn from and focus on them before you decide they’re not enough and search for more.

I like the work of Todd Lammle, he explains the materials in CCNA exam with easy ways to understand.Although books are good but the problem with books is that you can get tired reading them all day long, so I figure I need some other resources This is a good news, you do allowed to take notes on the paper when taking the exam. Before you get even more nervous, you can write down the keypoints in calculating subnets, forYou’d be presented with the exam rules, etc before taking the exam, you have to know well the rules before and take this time to write down your notes.

I highly recommend video tutorials from CBT Nuggets, especially the author Jeremy Ciaora, great video series.
The video is quite expensive US$ 399.00 for the CCNA Certification Package, but I’m telling you its worth the money.