Correlation Between Whole Body Vibration Therapy and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Whole Body Vibration therapy has been found to provide several benefits for one’s bones and muscles, to improve circulation, contribute to a better flexibility and support weight loss. While these effects are quite intuitive for a vibration machine, it’s harder to find a link between VBW and diabetes bipap machine . However, recent studies show that patients suffering from diabetes type 2 can benefit in different ways from training sessions performed on vibration machines.

Benefits of WBV in patients with type 2 diabetes

A recent controlled trial conducted by scientists at the University of Seville, Department of Physical Education and Sport, showed a 12-week WBV training program can improve balance in people affected by type 2 diabetes mellitus. The trial took place in November this year and involved 50 patients, so we can assume this effect of WBV will be further investigated.

Besides improving balance, the whole body vibration therapy was also found to be efficient in lowering blood sugar levels in people with T2DM. Another study published this year, back in September, and conducted by scientists at the University of Auckland, showed that this form of active treatment tones and strengthens muscles, causing them to take in higher amounts of blood sugar and thus use the blood glucose in a more effective way. In the long run, this means a better management of the typical symptoms caused by diabetes.

Then, this form of physical therapy was proven to support weight loss, when performed regularly. Again, this is an encouraging news for people who struggle with obesity as a result of diabetes, as besides improving their muscle tone, strength, balance and level of blood glucose, WBV can also help these sufferers manage their weight in a more efficient and less demanding way.