Making Miracles in Five Minutes Or Less

It is official. This really works! I have experienced it for myself and encountered phenomenal results. A gentleman whom I met at a yoga workshop about a month ago invited me to practice a simple daily exercise. Something in me knew I should follow that advice and now I wish to pass it on to you.

As we practice cleansing the physical body, while doing yoga asanas, we can also empower our mental and emotional body layer known as “mana maya kosha.” In just five minutes or less, we can witness the magnificence of how powerful our thoughts are. WE can experience the effects of the concept “to think is to create”; a concept that great masters have been talking about for thousands of years! All it takes is writing down five things (or more if you feel moved to do so) that you are thankful for each day. It is such a simple exercise and yet remarkably profound a course in miracles . The gentleman I mentioned said it brought him so many blessings. “Like what?”, I asked. “Anything you want to have show up in your life.” he responded. Of course, I was completely intrigued. Now, if you think I am kidding about this, try this real proof on for size. In the past 30 days, a few of the huge miracles that I have had happen include:

What in particular is the miracle of this Revolution? In July 2008 (aged 36) Lance began dating a girl he met through his cancer charity work. She was quite unlike the previous high-profile actress and also a singer he had had relationships with. This time things were to be different a course in miracles book . In December 2008 he announced that his girlfriend Anna Hansen was pregnant. My calculations put the conception within his 36th year (almost the same date as the announcement of his return). Although it was believed that he could not father children after testicular cancer, the child was conceived naturally and on June 4th, 2009 Max Armstrong came into the world (announcing it on Twitter to his 1.5 million followers). This birth is very special and you could say a personal miracle. However (and Lance doesn’t know this) children linked to their parents’ ‘Revolution Year’ will share a very special bond throughout life known as ‘Confluence’. There will be an unspoken knowledge of the needs of each other. He could also be destined for greatness in one way or another. Remember with Life Cycles we don’t predict in the usual way.

So his essence is to meet, defeat and then crusade against cancer. His reward is a miracle birth, not just his individual sporting glory. Recently I heard of a donation Lance has made through his LiveStrong organisation to cancer research in Australia. This is a timely and relevant mission.. ‘Life Cycles’ is new knowledge and I can assure you that it leads to an unbelievable level of understanding and control in your life. Of course I’ll have more stories for you. I could do this every day but I think good things are worth waiting for. Don’t you?