Topic Selection

First, choose your topic. Selecting a great topic can be hard. It should be both narrowly focused and broad enough that it is interesting but also provides sufficient information.

1 Research tip – Choose a topic that interests and you. While you research, study, and write your assignment, you will live with the topic for weeks. Pick something that is interesting to you, and maybe even exciting. You will show your enthusiasm for your topic in your writing or presentation.

Brainstorming is one technique that can help you come up with ideas. These resources and brainstorming exercises will help you to come up with topic ideas for your research.

These questions will help you to generate topic ideas.

Do you have strong opinions on current social or political issues?
Did you see or read a news story that was interesting to you in recent times?
Do you have a personal concern, problem or interest you’d like to learn more about?
Are there any aspects of your classes that interest you?

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