How to Get Your Email Newsletter Read

Every morning I get a great workout. Of course, it is only my index finger that is receiving the benefits of that workout – deleting spam and unwanted emails from my inbox GoDaddy email login . Just like you, each morning I am deluged with dozens of unsolicited emails.

Of course, in my opinion, I think that society makes more out of spam than it needs to. It takes all of a minute or so to delete those unwanted spam emails. Before the Internet, we all received “spam” in our mailboxes at home. But Congress doesn’t seem as concerned about that. To me, it’s easier to press delete a few times than it is to clutter my garbage cans and our landfills with junk mail. But that’s another article for another day.

In reality, many people today find unsolicited emails extremely irksome. And because of that, your legitimate email marketing is going to be scrutinized and given only a second or two before it is trashed or opened. This article is designed to help you create an email, whether a newsletter, promotion, or just a marketing message, that has a better chance of being read, than being dead.

We’ve been bombarded with so much Spam, that most of it is easy to spot with just a glance at the subject. “Impress your wife” = Spam. “Mortgage rates at all time low” = Spam. “Viagra by the truckload” = Spam. Those are the easy ones.

But your email communications aren’t spam. If the email marketing or newsletter is done right, it contains targeted, quality content that is useful to the recipients. The problem is, they won’t know that your email is not spam until they open it up and read it. And as ridiculous as it may seem, when it comes to email communications, you are usually guilty before proven innocent. In order for your prospects to read your valuable content, you have one or two seconds to scream, “Wait!!! Don’t delete me! I have something great to say! I’m not Sp.

Email spam is defined as any email that is not requested. In this literal sense of the definition, 99% of all emails are spam. Think about it. How many times do you call your boss just to give her a head’s up that you will be sending an email. Spammers have taken one of the best means of marketing ever created and turned it into a tool which many are afraid to touch. And likewise the spam-fearers have over-reacted. The result is an email that must past several tests before it dodges the delete key, gets opened and read. The following tests will help more of your emails get the response they deserve.

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