Tolga Akcay and his (world) journey to accomplishment

TOLGA AKCAYTolga Akcay, born in 1988, is a German entrepreneur with Turkish sources who has achieved many accomplishments in his life. His longstanding accomplishment allows him a great advantage. Appropriately, he is a global trader and management guide, blockchain specialist, and synthetic intelligence expert. Additionally, he has committed herself to the vocation as an author. The following publication on the topic of synthetic intelligence may be the continuation the main guide he printed in May: THE BLOCKCHAIN ​​COMPASS – Pleasant to the entire world of blockchain (ISBN: 9789403637099). 

Akcay acquired his bachelor’s level in operation TOLGA AKCAY administration before successfully performing his master’s level in operation management. All through his qualified career, he extended to instruct herself and specialized in digitization, blockchain engineering and synthetic intelligence. He presently performs within the European Union (EU), the USA, Turkey and China.

He includes a willing feeling for tailor-made options so that organizations may resolve problems and benefit. He feels that passing information to the entire world is necessary for everyone else, and he has. His management has already led many individuals all over the world to success. He has developed an global network of over 200 organizations and self-employed freelancers who work difficult in really particular areas. These places come in specific examination, programming, merchandising, advertising and administration. With the aid of that network, he effectively puts together tailor-made teams so that anyone can achieve their goals. This network is currently taking prosperity to many persons and may carry on to cultivate and prosper in the future.

We all know Tolga Akcay whilst the founder and former CEO of Exvisa.

Exvisa, an organization dedicated to delivering the most effective service to persons, is a electronic travel computer software company in the travel industry. It’s dedicated to the online software process and the development of electronic visas and passports in over 42 places worldwide. She helps busy world tourists in managing their credit and passport applications. This company is in control of recovering an individual’s data and data for potential use. The whole process is carried out easily on the web, with no necessary visit to the authority. 

Certainly, that firm was certainly one of the most important achievements in Mr. Akcay’s qualified life. Persons ponder over it a trusted company that arranged thousands of visas and trips for tourists every single day beneath the management of Mr. Akcay. The business extended to thrive following attracting the attention of professionals around the world. The usage of systems such as for example AI and blockchain increased the company’s success. It attracted individuals from the United States, India, Russia, and China. This company made big dunes in the travel business and Exvisa was value over 100 million euros in just a small time. By December 2019, it acquired over 30 million euros as an investment because of its more development.

Unforeseen circumstances as a result of Covid-19 pandemic led to world wide travel bans in 2020. This example was really unfavorable for several travel organizations, including Exvisa. Several medium-sized company owners threw in the towel beneath the stress of the line closings. However, state aid was just designed for large organizations such as for example Lufthansa. With Mr. Akcay, however, things were different as a result of global structure. The business was spread globally, wherever for the absolute most portion there was number access to government aid. After worry among investors, Tolga Akcaytook obligation as CEO and reimbursed all opportunities acquired from Exvisa to the investors. It absolutely was an extraordinary 30 million euros, some of which Akcay also repaid from his personal assets.

After Akcay had compensated all investors and attached the jobs of his personnel, he declared his resignation as CEO in 2021. 

The planet nowadays remains out of joint and is no longer wherever it had been in the beginning of 2020. All travel organizations have suffered immense deficits, and that state of the entire world has negatively affected them. Several places including the EU claims and the USA have still shut their borders because they do not allow access for tourists or business travelers. In the face area with this popular pandemic, Akcay performed an enormous role and lived around its responsibilities. He organized for the repayment of all opportunities and in this situation needed excellent care of his employees.

Tolga Akcay did everything possible to accomplish his current success. He did zealously for his accomplishment all his life and made a name for herself in the world by being simple in most trials. He is presently working tirelessly in world deal and as a guide for international corporations. He advises organizations on blockchain engineering, synthetic intelligence and digitization. His computer software company in the travel firm Exvisa is no longer active. He is more concentrated and wants to fairly share his knowledge and competence with the world. He also evolves his general group developing through his extensive skills.

In May, Tolga Akcay wrote down his life experience and printed his specialist guide The Blockchain Compass-Welcome to the Earth of Blockchain (ISBN: 9789403631370). The key intention with this guide is to spread one’s knowledge on blockchain technology. Some writers pick that highly specialized subject to create about and many of them ponder over it an important subject that requires necessary explanation for people around the world.

As a result of this, his latest publication has gained huge acceptance and persons recognize his work. Several folks who are enthusiastic about examining any such thing are looking forward to the follow-up series on the subject of synthetic intelligence. Since he is a company believer in discussing information as opposed to maintaining it to herself, he tries his best to enrich the lives of others with his valuable skills and expertise. He chooses to not engrave his activities and irreplaceable data in his own center, but to spread it everywhere.